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Deep Wood Bundle

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Our latest in the Sasquatch series has led us even deeper into the woods in a craft collaboration with Chicago’s Revolution Brewing, an accomplice in boundary-pushing innovation with an independent spirit. Together, we’ve landed on liquid that’s even greater than the sum of its parts. A 12-year-old, 86-proof rye finds a finish in one of three casks, each one seasoned in a different style of beer from Revolution Brewing’s celebrated “Deep Wood” collection.

Sasquatch Sighting #9 - Deth's Tar (Aged in Revolution Brewing Stout Barrel Cask) - The spice in our 12-year-old, 86-proof rye is tempered by the sweetness of an unapologetically loud imperial oatmeal stout, which, itself, spent time in bourbon barrels. The righteousness of this recipe reveals itself on the tongue in waves of roasted java, backed by hints of coconut, cacao, and caramel corn—all of it riding a velvety mouthfeel through a prolonged finish. This is the dessert dram of your dreams.

Sasquatch Sighting #10 - Ryeway to Heaven (Aged in Revolution Brewing Rye Ale Barrel Cask) - A beer initially influenced by rye barrels has now come full-circle to reshape rye whiskey. Furthering the spiritual bond, that beer was actually ryewine—an especially high-proof category of suds partially fermented from the namesake grain. The remnants of the liquid worked its way deep into the oak staves, releasing a tannic tartness when introduced as a finisher for our 12-year-old rye. A dry warming spice is amplified by the full body of this beautiful cold-weather sipper.

Sasquatch Sighting #11 - Straight Jacket (Aged in Revolution Brewing Barleywine Ale Barrel Cask) - One of Revolution Brewing’s most cultishly-revered releases is bound to result in a WhistlePig of comparable renown. Straight Jacket is as crazy as it sounds, a 15% ABV barleywine aging for a full year in ex-bourbon barrels. After that beer was emptied we took those same casks and filled them with our 12-year-old rye. We knew it would be good, but even our talented team of blenders never expected anything this singularly exceptional. Orange marmalade and cream soda in the nose make way for vanilla and marzipan in the mouth. A complex and enticing sensory experience that reveals even more in successive pours.

Currently Unavailable in: AR, AK, HI, KS, ME, MA, MI, MN, MO, MT, NE, ND, SD, UT, VT, WV, WY

In stock
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