Barstool Barrels

PiggyBack Single Barrel: Barstool Sports

Introducing two new limited-edition Piggyback Single Barrels with Barstool Sports to go head-to-head during tailgate season. KFC Radio with their 100 Proof Single Barrel 100% Rye Whiskey or Bussin' With The Boys with their 100 Proof Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey. Who's team are you on?


This comfortable and warm blend reminds the nose of stepping into a mountaintop lodge with notes of oak timber framing and fine mahogany furniture. The longing of nature, space, and a wood burning fireplace is achieved when sipping this exceptional Rye. Soft notes of a homemade holiday cookie round out for that perfect, cabin ambiance.

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There are four things you look for in a whiskey: vibe, aroma, taste, and comfortability. Not only have we found a 100 Proof Bourbon Whiskey that will take you on a journey of charm and wit alone, but we have found a barrel with a vibe so distinguished that William Shakespeare wouldn’t be able to find the words to put into a poem.

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The KFC Radio & Bussin’ With The Boys crews headed up to WhistlePig Farm in Vermont for some whiskey tasting, barrel racing and axe throwing.